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Good news, everybody! THE LAST INTERVENTION is now available for rental and download through AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO and VIMEO! Our official release date is Tuesday, September 17th but we’re letting you know first. Thank you for being there for us. It’s been a wonderful journey and we’re so glad you’ve been with us all the way.

Our little comedy about the rebellious daughter of divorced Dominican parents who discovers her family is having an intervention in her honor is finally here. Shot for pocket change with a wonderful cast including Hemky Madera (Weeds, Rango), Alyssa Abreu, Katherine Dickson, Amanda Brooke Lerner, Damaris Blanco, Justine Harrison, Wanda Nobles Colon, Nercido Mota, Mark Gonzales and Thelonius Griffin and created by Director/Producer Giovanny Blanco (Cornelius), Writer/Producer Sarah Thorp (Bounty Hunter) and Producer/Actor Rafael Blanco comes this exciting film on location and created by an amazing crew of talented individuals from Hartford, CT.

Here’s what the Hartford Courant had to say about THE LAST INTERVENTION “…the spirited cast ran with the comedy, having great fun playing characters who, each in their own way, have problems to sort out, too. “Weeds” actor Hemky Madera, who is Dominican, is a standout as Melky’s blowhard father, as is Wanda Nobles Colon as a camera-hogging aunt. In addition to the rest of the Hispanic cast — Connecticut singer-actress Katherine Dickson, as well as Alyssa Abreu, Mark Gonzalez, Nercido Mota and Blanco’s aunt Damaris Blanco — Amanda Brooke Lerner is hilarious as the wacked-out “interventionist,” who has a history of out-of-control antics.”

After our award winning festival run and our initial internet premiere, The Last Intervention is now here for you to enjoy on

You can go straight to to watch on VIMEO and on all VIMEO streaming devices including XBOX, Wii, iPad, iPhone, Android, ROKU, BLU-RAY PLAYERS, (click here for list) and more!

and on AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO (click here for all options).

We’ll be rolling out more viewing possibilities in the near future including DVD!!!! And don’t forget to leave your comments on  Amazon and VIMEO pages!

Thank you so much for the love.

Giovanny Blanco

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