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On December 7, 2012 by admin

(Photo by Tony Stanley)

As a teenager in Hartford I was already making music and little movies but never did I dream that a movie I made with family and friends would ever play the Wadsworth Atheneum. The Wadsworth! The oldest freakin’ museum in the country (1842). I sang there with the Hartford High Choir (Carla Pereira, Jay Williams and many others were there – tag youself in, fools) and I remember vividly the ride on the school bus back from our little recital (where we sang John Coltrane’s Naima and “In The Mood” among others at the show but we sang Robbie Nevil’s “C’est La Vie” on the way back to school). On the bus we joked about possibly being asked to clean up (as in sweep and mop) after our performance or how we weren’t allowed past the lobby and I just kept thinking about art and art history and there’s sometimes a social line that gets thrown down and is rarely crossed. We were just some local kids who got lucky and got to sing there. We were on the moon. CUT TO: Many different moons later. The outside of the Wadsworth has seen it’s share of crazy pouring out into Main St. Hartford over the years (I’ve stumbled a few times in front of it myself) and they have seen a lot around it change but the walls still stand strong. The walls speak to me. They hold art, they protect art, they show, display and disseminate art. To be anywhere near this building is to be near a church without ever having sinned – it shines from the inside out and pulls me in. This year (2012), after doing so many unspeakable things in and around the streets that surround it, those local kids are back. A lot older, a little wiser but still a little crazy. Tonight at 8:00PM is the second time this year that The Last Intervention plays at the Wadsworth Atheneum. This time as part of the Hartford Flick-Fest. And tomorrow it plays at the brand new, squeaky clean Spotlight Theatres Front Street right around the corner at 1:30 in the afternoon. The old and the new showing the same thing: our little movie. The irony is like apple pie and the love is the whipped cream. Don’t worry, I’m saving you a piece. Thanks to everyone involved with the movie (you know who you are), the folks at the Hartford Flick Fest, the Wadsworth and the Spotlight. And my wonderful family of friends and freaks (and actual blood relations) in the Hartford area. There is only one way to rock, mi gente. Con amor.

Hey everybody!!!!!!! This week THE LAST INTERVENTION is screening at the HARTFORD FLICK FEST! It will be the last screenings of the movie for 2012 – BE THERE! Cast and crew will be present. Go and meet them ask them questions like “hey, what are you doing after the screening?”. Do it!!!!

FRIDAY DEC. 7th 8:00PM
@ the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT
600 Main Street | Hartford, CT | 06103 | (860) 278-2670

and SATURDAY DEC 8th 1:30PM
@ The brand new Spotlight Theaters in Hartford, CT!!!!
39 Front Street, Hartford, CT I (860) 422-7712
Cast and crew will be present! Show up and get some intervention!
— at Hartford Flick Fest.

More info on the HARTFORD FLICK FEST


PRESS for the HARTFORD FLICK FEST,0,5417465.story

Thank you all for the wonderful year and all the great screenings.

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