PICTURE OF THE DAY: A Sister and a Cousin

On May 15, 2012 by admin

Walk this way, y’all. We’re back with the picture of the day and this one comes from my sister, Dorcas Dominguez. My favorite little sister (she my only sister) stands here with “Marisela” from THE LAST INTERVENTION, Katherine Dickson. Two very talented, mama’s (happy belated mother’s day!) that I feel very lucky to have in my life. My sister, because she’s just got so much love for one person and Katherine for making the entire experience of making the movie so special. In a future Picture of the Day I’ll give you more details on Katherine (she’s an actor, producer, writer, singer and she runs her own production company in CT, Guapa Films) but right now I would just like to say how one day on the set she was chatting away with my Aunt Damaris (“Abuela” in the movie). They started talking about Santiago, Dominican Republic and the people and certain streets and monuments. Sooner or later after figuring out they were both close to the same crazy person on a particular block the came to the realization that we are somehow related, making Katherine my long lost cousin. Actually, I have so many cousins in DR thanks to my grandfather on my father’s side who “fathered” more children than three or four octomoms put together that I’m not surprised. I’ve been meaning to put together that family tree but I’m afraid it would fall over from being overpopulated on one side. The good thing is that I came out of all this with a brand new prima and I’m very grateful for it. Here’s to two beautiful ladies, Dorcas and Katherine, familia (Shout outs to other cast members in the background as well; Kenneth Boucher “Kenny”, Carl Hyburg “Rehab Coach Jeff Andrews” and Nercido Mota “Hector”).

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