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On June 5th we will release the official trailer for The Last Intervention and today we have one more teaser for ya. It’s MELKY (Alyssa Abreu) the Intervention guest of honor with the crew (Justine S. Harrison, Thelonius Griffin and Rafael Blanco.

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MELKY Teaser

And don’t forget our CHECHE Teaser

and our first Teaser ABUELA

The Last Intervention is an indie comedy written by Sarah Thorp and directed by Giovanny Blanco about a teenager who discovers her family is planning an intervention for her. Starring Hemky Madera (from Showtime’s “Weeds”), Alyssa Abreu, Katherine Dickson, Amanda Brooke Lerner, Damaris Blanco, Wanda Nobles Colon, Nercido Mota, Justine S. Harrison, Mark Gonzales, Thelonius Griffin, Rafael Blanco and Carl Hyburg. We are currently in post production and getting ready for a festival run this Fall and Winter with special screenings along the way across the country. We’ll be releasing little bits here and there so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or subscribe to our mailing list. Please spread the word.

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