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The picture of the day is of the beautiful and funny Wanda Colon who played TIA FEFA. She’s up first because I received a message on Facebook about some Mad Men contest going on. Well, Mad Men is one of my favorite shows (of all time, loco) and Wanda is one of my favorite people (of all time, loco). Put 2 & 2 together…here’s Wanda! (I don’t know why people say 2 and 2 when it’s really 1 and 1 but…)

The winner of this contest gets a walk on role in Mad Men. So, I’ve got to root for Tia Fefa! Click here for more info but please VOTE!!!!! Let’s get Wanda on Mad Men! Wanda was a constant source of laughter. Quick on the draw, Wanda always knew what to say to put you in your place. With love, of course. This particular shot of here was from a scene where she’s snooping around. Why? Well, Tia Fefa’s kind of crazy – and Wanda made that kind of crazy ring true. With love of course. I’m crazy about her. Please vote quick so I can say that one of my actresses was on Mad Men. Help us out, y’all!!! – Gio

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