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A week ago we wrapped principal photography on “THE LAST INTERVENTION”.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep and the day in day out feeling of every day going into battle but I feel like we just survived our own little war.

From April 15th through April 26th we attacked every day with all we had and some days there wasn’t much we had left but we pushed through.

104 script pages shot in 10 days.

It’s nowhere near any kind of record but for us it was nothing short of a miracle. A man made one. One made by an elite team of cinematic soldiers.

I can’t believe that it was a little two months ago that I had my Reese’s moment. Chocolate colliding with Peanut Butter. The Light Bulb instant combined with the spark of a fire being lit under my ass. Thought and Action becoming one.

I was making a movie.

Not going to. Making.

The dream came to life initially thanks to the amazing talent and support of my better half, my “Parker Posey with really short hair”, my Amelia Mary Earhart, my Patti Smith/Sam Shepard, Dame Sarah Thorp – who besides producing with me and my brother, Raf – wrote all the scenes that were pieced together into a crazy script in what seemed like a few days because she’s extraordinary and she’s mine. That love was spread on the page and across my heart like hot butter on toast. Every big heist needs a well thought out plan and I want/need/must have Sarah work on each one. It’s the only guarantee we’ll make it out to the other side.

Combine that with the steel reserve and determination of my right hand man, brother and best friend, Rafael Blanco. He’s my rock. I know can do anything in this world. It’s something I truly believe – nothing is beyond my reach. But doing it with Raf turns the good into great. If you look in the dictionary for “guts” his picture will NOT be there but when you’re done reading he will be right behind you saying “that was cute, now let’s get to work!”. It’s not that I can do no wrong with him it’s that it just doesn’t matter. He’s got my back – sidenote: I saw a girls at Staples the other day with a tattoo that read “you follow me, I follow you” – that’s what we (The Blanco Bros.) do. Together we’re invincible.

Now, my cinematic “X-Men” posse became a plus 1 with the addition of the indomitable, Daniel “Do NOT call me Danny” Salazar III. Not only does he have a “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality that is distinctive and essential in the kind of cinematographer we love but he was also my Bullet Tooth Tony – no nonsense. Being a director himself he became the eyes on the back of my head, always aware of any potential danger. If The Last Intervention was Natalie Portman’s “Mathilda”, Daniel was her “Leon” always willing to give his life for her well being. The Professional.

A week after the damage and ruckus we caused in Hartford and Hamden, CT and NYC and Bayonne, NJ all I can think about is when is the next mission. When are we going to battle again? I haven’t begun editing and I’m already thinking about the next one. Plenty of ideas. All we need is a bigger budget. Come on, universe! Bring it!

Here’s an example of what we do for fun (everything). Starting with my brother from another mother, Mr. Jaswho? (Jason Williams) – he and I are part of SHU-SHO. We wrote and recorded this ditty (that will be on our upcoming release “Fatcamp”). But the lyrics were co-written by Sarah (who wrote her half first – the first verse that inspired the second half). Raf gave me the reason to come to Hartford for one day (all I could do at the moment) for the wedding of his beautiful daughter Cambryn. And Daniel met up with me for a drink before going to the airport and we decided to shoot this in a few hours before my flight. It’s the beginning y’all and it’s all there. Oh, and the ‘stache was inspired by Raf and John Oates.

Next: PART II – Motley Crew

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