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Yes, when Whitney (who I’m sure was childless at the time) sang “I believe the children are our future…” she was off a bit. Of course they’re the future but even more than that, they are the present. With a child everything is right here, right now. As a proud father of two little monsters I know this first hand (like Lady Gaga, I affectionately call the people who follow me around “monsters” – unlike her, I don’t really put much though into what I wear). At 4 and 2 years old they pretty much run things (not a Rhianna quote). It’s their world and our jobs as parents is to wipe their butts and step outta the way. When they get older, their thought process will complicate and what’s now the “I want it – so I’ll just take it” phase, turns into the “I want it but can I afford the payments or it might not be the best time or I lemme get back to ya on that”. Gut instincts turn to gas. When 4 year olds don’t get what they want you never know what their reaction will be. They might pout, whine or cry. The might kick, scratch and fight. Or ,they might surprise you and find the words to say something that perfectly conveys their sadness or something that wouldn’t sound out of place coming out of C3PO’s mouth, “We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.”

The point is, they don’t hold back. Feeling and expressing are practically the same thing. They’re spontaneous and reckless but thoughtful and generous of others with their tendencies. That will be their excuse anyway. “I was grabbing this movie for my little brother”, said my 4 year old girl as we tried to maze our way out of a packed Barnes and Noble. And she knows and I know that her little brother doesn’t like the Care Bears. Not yet, anyway. Not until we come across the Care Bears in a coloring book at the supermarket and she confesses to him that she wanted to give him the movie as a present (as boys eyes widen) but daddy said you didn’t like them. CUT TO: Spazzed out 2 year old boy in a shopping cart. He’s strapped down but I know it ain’t gonna last. In an effort to cool things down I say that maybe, just maybe, next time we’re at a store we can try to find the Care Bears movie. To which my daughter responds with her best Reese Witherspoon (circa “Election”) imitation, “I think that’s a good idea.”

Now, while this borders on being manipulative (riding that border pretty hard, too) I’d say it’s more like stealthiness. Her focus isn’t “why” didn’t I get what I wanted but “how” can I still get it and not waste time in doing so. It’s cunning and contagious as all Hell. If my baby is a chip off the old block then she’s that random piece of glass that fell into the cement mix. The little sparkle on the asphalt that shines right back at ya. She’s my walking reminder that no matter how well you think things out for the future if your planning this moment, the one before you, you ain’t truly living it.

I’m gonna borrow some of that right about now. Gracias mi’ja por la luz.



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