The Last Intervention DAY 1:

On March 5, 2011 by admin

Hey there, everybody. This is it. It’s been a long time. We begin this project no different than any other. We are excited, we’re scared and we’re feeling a whole lotta crazy.

You see, we want to make a movie and we want to make one NOW.

Today, March 5th, 2011 we’re making it official. “The Last Intervention” is a “go” and we’re gonna fight our way through anything and everything to do it. I don’t mean to get all Rocky Balboa on ya but it’s definitely one of those moments.

Let me start at the beginning: a few days ago. The realization of a certain momentous birthday creeping up for me (hint: it ain’t 25, 30 or 35 even) made me think of how I’d like to start the next decade of my life.

Having traditions to follow is something that’s become more important to me now that my own family has grown a bit. “Routine” is a word that many dislike but it’s one that I’d like to embellish on now because it’s exactly how I want to begin the big 40…with a brand new routine. This new routine would consist of at least once a year making a movie with the people I love. What kind of movie? That’s where the embellishment would be applied. Every time it would be (could be, should be) a different experience. Different styles, different conditions, different goals but with the same love. Corny? Absolutely. Happening? Without a doubt. And by any means necessary.

What exactly am I talking about? We’re gonna make a movie!

What’s it about? Well, we’re still working on that.

How are we making it? We’ll figure it out as we go along and whatever we do, we’ll share it with you here.

Now that everyone over shares (BTW: Just saw Rango…fresh!) I and whoever I can coerce to contribute to this spot will try our best to make the information we share here somewhat useful to anyone making their own movie. We will do this because the movie making odyssey we’ve embarked on will be a low budget affair. The lowest possible. A super – duper, ultra low budget – scratch that, this will be a no budget at all kind of low budget movie. We will try, anyway. We’re already 100 bucks in but we’ll get to that in a few posts.

Besides the jiberjabber about how many duckets go in and out, we’re also gonna deal with the issue of time. I know from experience that in order to come out fighting I have to put myself in a corner (Yo, Adrian!). Life happens, to-do lists get fatter and we wake up days, months, and even years past the desired end point for a particular chapter.

Last year, something similar happened with the band I’m in, SHU-SHO. After a couple of years of writing songs, going back and forth on recordings and slipping into funks about what to do in this big ? the music business has become. So,¬† we decided to crowdsource our album and process (through in order to get our asses in gear. With the help and love of just 63 people we met our budget goals and really went to work writing and recording more songs, mixing, etc. The release date has been set for May 9th (a year after we reached our budget on kickstarter) and we ‘re still working on it – but it’s gonna get done. The date is out there. We’ve implicated ourselves and our loved ones in this and this is it, carajo! Most delays have been due to the fact that regardless of where one wishes to be, life goes on. Nobody in the band does this full time and all our other responsibilities are the first priorities. Not my favorite way of getting things done but it’s the way it is for everyone and it works (albeit slowly, slower than a dying snail).

When you’re making a film/movie it can be a little different. Sure, pre and post production can take forever but the shoot time itself can’t and is usually limited by the budget or lack of. In our case we’re aiming for the shortest shoot possible (do the math). We will impose a hard deadline. I’ll count today as day one even though we’ve been talking for a week now ’cause you know talking and walking are two very different things. Today¬† we begin walking.

As I mentioned before, “The Last Intervention” is the title and the subject matter of this project but it is also the project’s intention. That’s why starting today we’re gonna count up to 90 days (like a nice and proper rehab stint – not the three week breeze and resort like setting of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew). Three months to develop the script, pre-produce, crew and cast, shoot and edit the whole dang thing. I’ve seen people do 30 day challenges, and 24, 72 hour film festivals are commonplace. It’s no biggie for some but for us it will be a real challenge. Those of us involved so far (and we’ll get to who that is in the next post) have our commitments. Besides the SHU-SHO records I have a script for a different project I’m co-writing that needs to be done in that same time period. Our families ALWAYS come first (sheeeet, it took me almost an entire day to write this entry – did I mention Rango was really cool?). Regardless, we will find a way to do this in 90 days or die trying (and our families will not appreciate it if that happens). After we accomplish this we will do it again and again.

Every New Year’s Day my family eats “hoppin’ john”. It’s rice with black eyed peas and bacon and peppers and other things in a mix that is amazing (thank you, Sarah). It’s a tradition in the south (we’re not from there but we love the food) and it’s supposed to bring you good luck. I’d like to start a new tradition – every new year working on a new movie and each new movie bringing it’s own kind of luck; the experience of being creative with amazing people and being able to share that with the world. I feel lucky already talking about it. I don’t want to talk anymore, though. Like Morris Day and the Time said, “Let’s do the walk”.

So please, walk with us. We might stumble but we will never, ever stop. Not for 90 days, anyway.


Giovanny Blanco


4 Responses to “The Last Intervention DAY 1:”

  • I love this blog entry, you made me excited about your endeavor. Good luck!

  • Yay!!!!

    So happy you guys are doing this.
    Best of luck bringing this to fruition, and I look forward to all the posted updates!


  • rock on!! don’t forget to have fun :)

  • Can I just say what a relief to find somebody who really knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You truly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. Much more persons have to read this and realize this side on the story. I cant believe youre not more popular simply because you truly have the gift.

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