DAY 2: Ooops.

On March 7, 2011 by admin

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So, it was Sunday.  You know how Sundays feel.


It wasn’t. Just felt that way.

Things are underway. Ads are out for cast and editors and the whole idea of this actually happening is still filling me up. But like I said it was Sunday and it was non-stop, back and forth and activity fueled. And somehow still, hazy. THIS is on my mind, though. And that is good.

There is so much to talk about and I (we) will do it as extensively as time will allow. Hopefully, we will make this flow a worthwhile experience for you, the reader – the curious ones – the curieye (just made that up, don’t care).

I realized it was DAY 2 and I didn’t write anything. Things are in motion but I want it to feel like it’s in motion for everyone, including you. I don’t want you to be updated as much as I want you to be involved.

I fell asleep awfully early, 8, 8:30 ish. It was Sunday, c’mon! Well, I woke up around 2:30AM with no intentions of going back to sleep. I hit the webs and found this (thanks to a good old friend, Ventura Edgarson “Vinny” who put it up on Facebook). It’s some sort of symposium at Google for their employees (I guess) where they have musicians come and play and give a little talk about themselves and such. They have the money to do these kind of things and it’s nice of them to share with the rest of us (it really is). This time, a piano playing kid named Eric Lewis is on the mic and he’s opening up about his life and growing up in his piano filled house (they had 5). in the hood (Camden, NJ) and just as I said to myself, “Cool, that’s nice”, something happened…I started listening. With so many distractions these days it’s hard to be present. You know, to be focused on one thing.

So, I listened. And I was rewarded.

Eric blew me away. I’m just gonna cut and paste what I wrote on Vinny’s post:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very inspirational. “Trying to do justice to the emotion” Love this guy. This is hitting me at just the right time. Damn, I love it when this happens. Thank you. The anticipation right before “Mr Brightside …had me trembling. This guy is a force. I can only say that for me, when music hits me good it’s like a sucker punch or an uppercut I can always see coming but I don’t expect to knock me out. Well, this guy is like being tackled by a freight train. He is a force. The crazy part that it’s just the music. When I think about what he’s done and I’m reminded that you just gotta do what you love. YOU GOTTA FUCKING DO IT. Take what you know, do what you love and RUN WITH IT. And don’t stop til your done. Can’t stop. IT”S ALL ABOUT TIME. And deadlines. He said it best. “Keep this.” The Beat. The Rhythm. Fill it up with tones and colors but respect the rhythm and get out of the way of the beat. Respect the beat. The heartbeat. When that stops, your dead. Love this guy. He is a madman. Very inspirational. Loved the “horror piece”. Man, I couldn’t sleep but I’m so glad I found this. Thank you for putting it out there. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you’re feeling well, my brother.

All that cursing at 3:30 AM made me thirsty. Is it too early for coffee?

If you have an hour to spare watch the video (my excuse: it was 2:37AM). It might move you. If you don’t have the time, look the guy up. I’m sure there are much shorter clips of him hunched over a piano, pumping out a criminally intense version of the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” (or The Knife or Breaking Benjamin or even Lynyrd Skynyrd) but his explanation for why he does what he does is what rocked me to the core.

We’ve been playing with the idea of “The Last Intervention” being a mockumentary and there have been many good ones already (we’ll probably be going over a few of them here). At the moment it just fits and it where we begin with this (it might end up being a horror movie about “insomnia”-we don’t know yet). When I say “we’ve been playing” the “we” I’m referring is my better half, Sarah and I (Giovanny – no need to be formal, I’m in my PJ’s) the initial creative team (we’ll move on to others in a bit) but we’ve been talking about what THIS could be. I started from a completely “how are we gonna shoot this for 23 bucks” stand point and she’s looked at it from a “can we make it funny” stand point (the best stand point if ya ask me). In order to keep the budget down we have to keep the locations down. If you can shoot a whole movie in one house and make it watchable, kudos to you. But, it ain’t easy, Chachi. From “My Dinner With Andre” to “Paranormal Activity” there is proof that it can be done. So that’s our starting point at the moment. You have to be aware of the starting point. Where you decide to embark from. It’s the only way the true distance of your journey can be measured. I’m not trying to get all Deepak Chopra on your ass, but it’s now 4:16 in the A fricken M and I’m feeling maybe I shoulda stayed in bed. NO, forget that, I’m glad I got up. What I got from Eric Lewis this morning was right on time.

Take what you know, what you’ve seen and heard and what’s been ingrained in your head and put into that all that moves you, what excites you and what you trully feel. Put all that emotion into it. Put your back into it. Dig in. Dog in and make it real.

Here’s a much shorter clip from Eric Lewis. Enjoy.

And Happy Birthday to the Fiona Apple in my eye, Lil’ Miss Sarah.

This is for you.

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