A boy can dream, right?

On March 25, 2011 by admin

So we’re gearing up for our auditions next week in NYC (Friday April 1st) and Hartford (Saturday April 2nd). It’s been a fun ride so far but casting can be grueling. Trying to get the word out. Looking through and sorting all the submissions. And wondering why people don’t double check and read the character descriptions carefully before they submit their pictures of them going wild on spring break as a head shot (which is fine but if the role calls for a “shy” person I don’t want to see you in the middle of a hot tub with chicks and drinks – think, man, THINK!). Anywho, yesterday someone asked me what my ideal cast would be and before I could ask “alive or dead?” this poster picture popped in my head.

I mocked this hopeful poster today (that’s what the pros say, right “mocked?”). It’s exactly how it popped in my head yesterday. I thought a little more about who else would be great, if money wasn’t an issue and if I had access to anybody and everybody, and if “The Last Intervention” was actually another big budget superhero movie…and then my mind wandered a bit and I thought about the new Green Lantern movie and then I felt kind of sad and then I remembered what I was supposed to be thinking about and I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. IDEAL CAST. Who would be our ideal cast? Well there’s this poster you see here and that should explain it all but just in case…the beautiful Aubrey Plaza is “Juanita” for me. Her tone, her delivery, her style, her wit, her bad -ass-ness. She is crazy cool, gracefully obnoxious but never rude. Even when she tries her best to be. Now as dad, “Cheche” I see Mr. Hemky Madera. Some of you are saying “Hemky Who?” but others know he’s a character actor who steals every scene he’s in on the Showtime series “WEEDS”, with Mary Louise Parker. He’s also one of the voices in Rango (my favorite movie this year so far). And he’s Dominican so he wouldn’t sweat the accent. Now, what shall I do? I’m going to call their agents up and tell them to do this already! What’s the worst that could happen? I’ve heard “no” many times before. A couple more can’t kill a man.

Here are some examples of my “ideal cast” in action. Now, how can I change “ideal” to “real”? C’mon!

Hemky Madera on Weeds:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I5-cfrKy1Q More WEEDS clips
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I5-cfrKy1Q this one’s rated R
Hemky Maderas acting reel:

Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation:

Aubrey Plaza on Lopez Tonight:

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